5 Important Questions to Ask Before You Start Marketing Your Practice


Still wondering if hiring a marketing service is right for your business – or if marketing matters at all?

As a business owner, your time is precious. Between the demands of fluctuating markets and operational tasks (not to mention providing exceptional client service), establishing a marketing strategy can feel overwhelming – even a waste of time.

Each week, our team talks to dozens of advisors about their concerns, efforts, and goals.

Here are the top five questions we see:

  1. Is marketing worth my time?

    The ultimate answer is yes, you must promote your business. But make sure your strategy works for you and is crafted with your unique goals in mind. The key is balance. Establish a schedule, automate your content, and remember to focus on quality, not quantity. This will help maximize your efforts – and measure the validity of your approach.

  2. Is it worth the investment?

    Once you’ve made the decision to develop your strategy, costs can quickly accumulate – or seem like they aren’t worth the expense. Too often advisors buy in to overpriced content libraries and services, or rely heavily on free options that don’t differentiate them from the crowd.

    While the new face of “inbound” marketing looks different from the sales of the past, when you’re first getting started, it’s all about goals and metrics – and taking advantage of free to low-cost services where you can. Establishing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) help determine whether a specific approach is working, or if you need to adjust. Research what is available to you through your broker-dealer and other industry leaders, such as HubSpot and social media.

  3. How do I know I’m reaching the right audience?

    You know your business. You know your service offering – so who’s your ideal client? What are their wants and needs? Where are they getting their information? How do they like to engage? Once you understand their behavior, you can establish your client persona and craft your messaging (and the channels you use) around them.

  4. How do I begin?

    Like with any big project, there are many ways to get started. At the heart of it all is your plan –inside your plan is your value proposition, audience, channels, and timeline. Your plan should be a living thing; revisited monthly and edited if necessary – especially in the beginning.

    After the plan is developed, one of the first major steps is creating a professional-looking website. One of the biggest undertakings, it’s also the most crucial – as essential as a business card, it is the central hub of any of your marketing efforts, digital or otherwise. Many advisors seek support during this part of the process as it requires a specialist level of knowledge to develop a website that both encompasses your branding and works the way you need it to.

    That’s where we can come in.

  5. How does The Network’s marketing service differ from others?

    Not only does our team include marketing strategists, content writers, event planners, digital and social specialists, graphic designers, and web developers, at the core of our approach is the relationship we foster with you. We’ll act as your guide, but we’ll also listen to your feedback, and work to develop a plan based on your unique business and goals.

    Together we’ll establish a marketing strategy and measure our approach along the way. We allow you to mix and match service offerings and won’t sell you on something you don’t need. We teach you best practices so you can take on as much or as little of the process as you’d like – we want to create a plan that is sustainable for you and your company, not the other way around.

Ready to get started? Still have questions? Reach out to our team to start the conversation today.