Virtual Meeting: Current Client Complaint Case Studies & Annuity Resource/Suitability Update

January 1, 1970 4:26 am - 4:26 am


Organizer: The Financial Services Network [email protected]
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Over the past 12 months, we at The Network have seen the continued intersection of two items, Complaints and Complex products. In addition, as more of our advisors acquire practices, naturally they begin to make recommendations to clients that may be more in line with the personal investment philosophy and financial planning style of the new owner of the business. We have seen these changes in clients’ portfolios as well as product mix sometimes lead to complaints from clients because the long term relationship hasn’t been established as it was with the previous advisor. Our goal in the 1 hour webinar is to give everyone a quick update on the Complaints we are seeing at the OSJ level as well as alert you to resources and best practices you should be aware of with regard to Variable Annuities as they continue to be looked upon as complex products by our industry.

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Daxs Stadjuhar- Managing Partner, The Financial Services Network

Opening comments

Current Update on client complaints within our industry – Case study on several current complaints

Sam Law- Annuity Consultant, LPL

Role at LPL- how he can help assist FA’s with annuity business, what he is seeing on a day to day basis

Additional resources available at LPL

Vards Report

Annuity Intelligence Reporting

Annuity Review Resources at Lincoln – Jim Willson, Enterprise Development Manager

Sales Consulting Process – internal/external wholesalers, advanced markets and client education

Morningstar comparison tool

What we see at other partner firms regarding annuity trades

Itzbell Branca- Annuity Suitability, LPL

Review & Rework Process

What is under scrutiny by FINRA/SEC?

What is Review Team looking for to ensure an annuity trade is suitable and in the best interest of the client

Suitability Guidelines

Daxs Stadjuhar- Managing Partner, The Financial Services Network

Closing comments, final complaint case study