SIMON Spectrum – Stress Testing Analysis Features

November 2, 2022 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Virtual - GoToWebinar

Organizer: The Network [email protected]
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For those advisors that utilize (or wish to utilize) alternative solutions and structured products platform SIMON, LPL’s partner, can help bring clarity to investment categories that are often less understood than traditional investments.

Join this information webinar to learn more:
1. Connect clients’ profiles to their goals: Identify Target Dimension Scores that demonstrate importance to a client along 5 dimensions – Upside, Protection, Liquidity, Simplicity, and History – by completing a short questionnaire
2. See how clients’ goals and investments align: Upload real client holdings to illustrate how clients’ portfolios match up with their Spectrum Target Dimension Scores
3. Explore the impact of alternative solutions: Examine how adding an alternative solution could better align clients’ goals and their portfolios with the Portfolio Analysis tab
4. Simulate portfolio performance during times of stress: Simulate a portfolio’s hypothetical performance with and without a structured investment under historical market conditions using the Stress Test Analysis, including lessons learned from significant past market events.

Join Network Administrative Operations Manager, Jen Van Mater and this quarter’s guest speaker, Elena Alberti, Assistant Vice President of Product Intelligence for this highly informative session.

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