South Bay I-Forum Workshop

January 1, 1970 6:05 am - 6:05 am

The Westin Hotel
302 S Market St, San Jose, CA 95113

Organizer: The Financial Services Network [email protected]
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We look forward to seeing you at our end of year I-Forum events. Our “I”-Forums were built around the idea of delivering more than just information via a series of instructions. Our mission is to assist you in the implementation of real solutions for your business, rather than just talk about “good” ideas. This Fall, the content of our events continue to focus on our 2017 Network Initiatives:

• Driving growth in your business
• Creating efficiencies for you and your staff
• Risk mitigation areas to protect your business for the long term value you have built

During these interactive half day events, our agenda will include discussions on the following:
• Growth

• Efficiency

• Risk Mitigation

In addition to the I-Forum, we are looking to have an extended session focused on hands-on technology topics. This supplemental series will begin at the conclusion of the I-Forum half day agenda. More details to follow.