Portfolio Consulting Speaker Series: Jeremy Schwartz, Head of Global Research, WisdomTree Investments

September 16, 2021 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Virtual - GotoWebinar

Organizer: The Financial Services Network [email protected]
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When Bitcoin was first introduced in 2008, it had the support of just a handful of enthusiasts. Since then it proved to be more than a passing trend, leading the way for the further development of blockchain technology and the creation of numerous other cryptocurrencies. With this growing adoption, cryptocurrencies still may not be a prudent diversifier as they remain highly volatile and speculative. While the demand is evident, many investors – particularly institutional ones – face difficulties in successfully accessing the product, or bridging the gap between the underlying decentralized online blockchain technology and traditional investment structures.

Learn whether to include cryptocurrencies in your investing conversations—or leave them in the ether—with our upcoming webinar. Our agenda will include:

• Ethereum 101
• Bitcoin vs. traditional payments
• Consensus mechanism overview
• How ETFs could unlock the crypto asset class
• Crypto series models with onramp