Why Independent Advisors Choose Us

As an independent advisor, you may feel like you’re this close to having the business of your dreams, but there’s just one thing holding you back. Maybe that thing is technology integration. Maybe you spend too much time dealing with your broker-dealer or custodian. Maybe you want access to higher quality educational opportunities. Maybe you’d just like to connect and be challenged by other high-caliber independent advisors. If this sounds familiar, then Mariner Advisor Network has just what you need to grow.

Advisor-Centered Approach

  • An Interactive and thorough discovery helps us understand your goals and values
  • A personalized collaboration and accountability plan is designed for your unique business model
  • A commitment to communication, education and innovation fosters clarity and consistency for your team

Independent advisors choose us because they feel confident that they have aligned themselves with a team that puts their goals first and leads by example.

Extensive Capabilities

  • Specialized teams committed to business development, business consulting, operations and compliance
  • Transitions support, technology solutions and back office infrastructure allow you and your team to focus on client needs
  • Access to forward-thinking business continuity planning gives you confidence in your future

Independent advisors choose us because they feel comfortable that they have the resources and support of experienced professionals committed to their success.

Culture and Relationships

  • Highly responsive and accessible staff holds itself accountable to finding solutions for your needs
  • Peer-to-peer idea sharing and educational opportunities build camaraderie and a community of advocacy
  • Values-based, family environment

Independent advisors choose us because they feel more connected with their peers and more informed about trends and opportunities affecting their businesses.