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Our primary goal at Mariner Advisor Network is to be the foundation and support for your independent practice. Many advisors associate the word branch with working for another advisor or branch manager or entity. At Mariner Advisor Network, we built our business model around preserving and strengthening your independence and letting your entrepreneurial spirit thrive. We partner with you, and our services aim to help you meet the sophisticated needs of your clients while seeking to add real value to your practice. We offer you the opportunity to leverage our resources, join in advocacy and tap into our experience to expand your business and strengthen your voice within the industry.

We provide independent advisors with comprehensive compliance support and oversight so that they can focus their efforts where it matters most: serving the best interests of their clients. But our remit extends well beyond pure compliance to include a large suite of value-added services such as transitions and integration support, business development and consulting, technology consulting, virtual administrative services and portfolio consulting services. Our robust service offerings and personalized support make Mariner Advisor Network a perfect home for independent advisors looking for the feel of a tight-knit family office within a robust industry.

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Whether you’re seeking sophisticated portfolio solutions, specialized compliance and administrative staff, or looking to grow or sunset your business, we’ve got you covered.

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Mariner Advisor Network is supported by a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping our independent advisors build, grow and manage their practices.

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