Month: May 2023

Advisor Solutions Spotlight: Success Stories From Our Tax Team

Our team of tax professionals can help you and your clients with tax planning and preparation needs. We offer a range of services, including tax compliance and multi-state strategies, to help minimize your clients’ tax burden, optimize income, manage charitable giving and more. Below are a few examples of recent success stories from our tax […]

Business Consulting and Transition Team Announces New Opportunities for Lending Solutions

Financing an acquisition can be a significant hurdle for many advisors, particularly those who are seeking to acquire larger firms. Fortunately, Mariner Advisor Network now has several lending solutions available to help you achieve your growth goals. As part of our commitment to providing premier solutions that simplify and accelerate the acquisition process, we have […]

Struggling to Add Value: When Your Ideal Client Seems a Little Too Ideal

An advisor was struggling to add value to a client’s financial proposal and reached out to our financial planning team to see if they could assist. On paper, the client was ideal: They had a sizable net worth, were high income earners and low spenders, did a phenomenal job of saving and had very little […]

Attempted K-Pop Fraud Costs Client Almost $500,000

An advisor reported that his senior client requested a $500,000 withdrawal to loan to a friend. When the advisor asked his client for additional information, she replied that the friend was a South Korean K-pop singer, songwriter and producer working with a major record label. The funds were to buy the singer out of his […]

Estate Planning Q&A with Scott Luhnau

For more on how to have a strategic estate planning discussion with clients, Scott Luhnau, estate planning consultant on our practice management team, shares answers to a few common questions. Q: Which estate tax topics should I cover with my clients? A: With the federal lifetime estate tax exemption to sunset in 2025, now is an opportune time […]